Delhi witnesses big surge in dengue cases caused by prolonged monsoon period


New Delhi: As per a civic report on vector-borne diseases released on Monday, Delhi has reported the highest number of Dengue cases since 2018 for the same period. A total of 480 dengue cases have been recorded this season till October 9. 

Suresh Kumar, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital Director said that dengue cases are rising in Delhi due to prolonged monsoon period and different transmission cycles of mosquitoes. “There has been a rise in dengue cases due to prolonged monsoon period and different transmission cycles of mosquitoes, which changes every year,” he told ANI.

Further, he explained that the viral transmission changes every 2-3 years which is why there are more cases this year compared to last year. The Dengue virus mutates in the atmosphere it has to survive in, it happens every 2-3 years. “A new virus is created or mutation takes place in it. This time, most of the cases are either mild or moderate. No severe case is there,” he said.

Shyam Sundar Agarwal Mayor of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (RDMC) spoke about the steps taken to stop the spread of dengue cases. “All the three municipal corporations south, north and east are engaged in the effort. Fogging in every house has been done at least twice or thrice and it is still being done. Pesticides are being poured into drains,” he said.

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