From Netflix To LinkedIn: Why Everyone’s Tweeting The Red Flag Emoji


The red flag trend has taken over social media. (Representative Image)

Red flags are all over the place. Twitter users will know what we are talking about. A recent surprising trend has taken over the micro-blogging platform. People have started tweeting warnings about almost everything under the Sun. But there’s the catch. With every such tweet, users are also adding red flag emojis. In common parlance, red flags represent a warning sign. The trend seems to have started on with a conversation around red flags in dating and has now spilt over to many other topics. It has also taken a humorous turn.

According to CNet, Twitter has seen a 455% rise in the usage of the red flag emoji in the last week. On Tuesday, Twitter had 1.5 million tweets containing red flags in them globally.

The trend has caught up with netizens and big companies cannot ignore what has come to pass. So giants like Netflix have also joined the red-flag game on Twitter. Here’s what Netflix India had to say about some cliches in storylines. For them, it’s a red flag when “Protagonist who notices the girl only when she takes off her glasses and gets a makeover.”

Dharma Productions also joined the trend. The production house added a food angle to the tweet. They saw red flags, “When they want hakka noodles over dal chawal for 50 saal till you die.”

Social media giants also jumped on the bandwagon. Their red flags turned out to be quite funny in this regard. Have a look at what WhatsApp had to say.

Twitter too joined the trend. Guess what’s their red flag? Of course, they can’t stand anyone who says “I’m not on Twitter.”

LinkedIn posted a red flag for all employees to watch out for

MTV followed suit and gave a shout out to pop music through the red-flag trend. For them, any person who said, “I don’t keep up with pop music,” posed a red flag.

Footwear brand Crocs also joined the red-flag party in much zest. Nothing could upset them more than a person who said, “I’m not a Crocs person.” We can be sure about that.

For Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, it’s a big red flag when someone says they don’t like Indian food

We are surely enjoying this new Twitter trend, aren’t we?

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