How Amazon Web Services Will Help Ferrari Become Savvy With The Cloud 


Ferrari will be leveraging The Amazon EC2 with a range of specialised instance types for high-performance computing for running simulations.

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AWS will enable Ferrari digitise its platform and engagement with its audience.

Ferrari is the most iconic F1 team and arguably the most iconic team in the history of motorsports. Similarly, Amazon is one of the highest valued companies in the world and it pioneered the concept of distributed computing in the early 2000s with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and remains the massive market leader. AWS also counts F1 as a partner where it uses its machine learning capabilities to provide more insight for the teams and the viewers. As a part of this new partnership, Ferrari and AWS will work together for GT racing, the Challenge Series, the road car business and of course the Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow team. For this, the two will jointly develop new technologies, a new engagement platform, new personalisation tools, exclusive content and interactive applications to strengthen its relationship with its fans, the Tifosi. 

“Ferrari and AWS are both exceptional in their respective spheres of activity and I am pleased to welcome a partner known for the excellence of its innovation and creativity. As the Official Cloud Provider, AWS will be able to transform our company into an organisation driven by data analysis, that uses the power of this technology, not just to improve our products, but also to better relate with the millions of fans we have around the world. We have chosen AWS because of its constant drive for innovation, the wide range of solutions for machine learning and its proven experience in supporting partners on a global scale. AWS is without equal in terms of its portfolio of cloud services, including computer vision and machine learning and we intend to exploit that to strengthen and speed up our ability to analyse data,” said Ferrari team boss and MD, Mattia Binotto. 

Ferrari will be leveraging The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) with a range of specialised instance types for high-performance computing for running simulations. This will enable Ferrari the ability to run thousands of simulations and gain insights faster than previously possible. Interestingly, Ferrari will be using the custom Amazon Graviton 2 based instances which are based on ARM-processors that Amazon has designed itself, instead of off the shelf solutions from Intel or AMD. Amazon claims that these provide up to 40 per cent better performance than Intel or AMD based solutions.


Amazon is the de facto leader in cloud computing having invented the concept in 2002

It will also help Ferrari move from simulation to assembly of new road vehicle types. Ferrari will also now leverage the Amazon Kubernetes Service and Amazon Dynamic Database which will enable it to deploy experiences like the car configurator. 

“AWS offers iconic global brands like Ferrari the breadth of services, insights, and agility they need to remain leaders in their fields through innovation and deepen their connections to loyal customers and fans,” said Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

“Ferrari can rely on AWS to help them take driving and racing to the next level while generating fresh excitement among their global community through more personalization and new digital experiences. What’s more, as their Official Cloud Provider, we look forward to helping Scuderia Ferrari maintain their record as the world’s greatest racing team,” said Garman added. 


Amazon Web Services was founded inside Amazon by Andy Jassy in 2002 who served as technical assistant to Jeff Bezos. Since then Jassy has been the leader of the cloud computing business that has defined the age of distributed cloud computing. In July, Jassy will succeed Bezos as Amazon’s second CEO – that’s how profound an impact AWS has had on Amazon and the entire world.  

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