“If Party Run For Generations By Family…”: PM Slams Dynastic Politics


Constitution Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning addressed the parliament.

New Delhi:

India is headed towards a crisis, which is “a matter of huge concern” for those who have faith in the spirit of democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this morning in an all-out attack on Congress. The Prime Minister lashed out at the “dynastic parties” at the Constitution Day event, which 14 opposition parties skipped a day after Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge held a strategy meeting ahead of the winter session next week.

“Party for the family, by the family… do I need to say more? If a party is run by one family for many generations, then, it isn’t good for a healthy democracy… look at the political parties from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,” the Prime Minister said in his address.

“Dynastic parties are a matter of great concern for those who want to protect the Constitution. India is headed towards a crisis.”

PM Modi’s comments come as the opposition presents a united front against the government.

“By dynastic politics, I don’t mean that more than one member of a family can’t enter politics. No… on the basis of potential, with people’s blessings, people can join politics. But if a political party – generation after generation – is run by one family, it becomes a threat for democracy,” the Prime Minister said in a sharp attack at the Gandhis.

Visuals showed Union Minister Rajanth Singh and others thumping their desks in response.

In 2015 too, PM Modi said, his government had faced protests when the Constitution Day was first celebrated. “‘Why are you doing it… what’s the need?’ they had asked,” he said, slamming the opposition, “The day was meant to offer respect to BR Ambedkar for what he did for the country.”

The Constitution of India, one of the longest in the world, constitutes of a Preamble, 22 parts with 395 articles and eight schedules.

The Trinamool Congress, Shiv Sena, and the RJD among other opposition parties skipped the Constitution Day event today, which was attended by President Ram Nath Kovind and Union Ministers.

“This government – led by the BJP – does not respect the Constitution… They don’t govern as per the Constitution but want to celebrate Constitution Day… This is a PR event that they started,” Congress MP Manickam Tagore told NDTV earlier today.

After Mr Kharge led the opposition meet on Thursday, all 14 opposition parties are on board to unite against the government, sources in the party have said.

“There is no role for the opposition leaders, no proper invite, and no place or permission to speak at this event,” Mr Khare told NDTV today targeting the government.

The parliament is set to see yet another stormy session next week.

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