In Touch With Congress High Command Over Party Issues: Sachin Pilot


Sachin Pilot said the decision of the party high command should be followed by all.


Former Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot on Wednesday said he is in touch with the Congress high command over party issues raised by him and hoped that required steps will be taken by the top leadership.

Mr Pilot and 18 other MLAs had rebelled against the leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot last year. After a month-long crisis, the Congress high command had formed a committee to look into the issues raised by them.

“In depth discussions were held on the issues which were raised in the context of Rajasthan. The AICC is taking steps for the betterment of the government and party organisation. We are in touch with the high command and I believe that the AICC is going to take necessary steps required to be taken,” he told reporters.

He said it is a collective responsibility of party leaders to ensure that the Congress retains power and suggestions in this regard were given by him.

“The workers who have given so much to the party should get political reward in proportion to their efforts. It is not about any post or position. We want to expand the Congress family…new people should be associated,” he said.

Mr Pilot said the decision of the party high command should be followed by all.

“In the Congress, there can be our views or opinion but after the Congress president takes a decision following discussion with all, it should then be followed. The decision which is taken by the AICC is respected by all and this is an established tradition of the party,” he said.

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