Porsche Joins Zync As A Strategic Partner


Zync also has access to curated libraries of premium content and everything is personalised through its algorithms.

Porsche has partnered with Zync which is a San Francisco based passenger experience company that delivers digital entertainment experiences like video streaming, gaming and e-commerce to cars. Porsche aims to pursue interests beyond its core areas of expertise while developing innovative solutions for in-car entertainment of the future. Zync is like a middle man which enables its partners to bridge the gap between the entertainment and automotive industries. It is a central partner through which automotive brands can get access to content that is deeply embedded into the car infotainment system. This means no custom hardware has to be developed. Fundamentally, the pitch is that Zync turns the car into a private cinema. 

“Digital and personalisable in-vehicle solutions are becoming increasingly important for many drivers. With Zync, we’re now creating another opportunity to offer current and popular entertainment formats for this environment,” says Christian Knorle, Head of Company Building at Porsche Digital. 


Zync enables access to entertainment and content for automakers

“We’re delighted to be working with Rana June (RJ) and her founding team to help develop this promising market,” he added. 

Zync also has access to curated libraries of premium content and everything is personalised through its algorithms which recommend based on the user’s interests, travel duration and mood. By 2023, it plans on innovating even more by adding video games and online shopping into its platform. 

“We are delighted to have Forward31, a strong partner from the automotive industry, at our side,” says RJ, founder of Zync who also revealed plans on opening a new office in Munich to be closer to Porsche. 


Entertainment is a huge part of what Tesla is doing with the latest generation of the Model S. It has an infotainment system that plays triple-A games and can rival the computing power of a PlayStation 5. It also has a massive sound system and a nice screen for a great entertainment experience. 

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