Rahul Gandhi questions party membership rule, asks ‘how many people in this room drink alcohol?’


Even as the Congress party is going to start a membership drive from November 1, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioned how relevant are the rules for becoming a member according to the party constitution such as wearing Khadi and not consuming alcohol.

Speaking in the meeting held by Congress president Sonia Gandhi today, Rahul asked, “How many of these rules are followed today? How many people in this room drink alcohol?”

Responding to Rahul’s question, only two general secretaries admitted that they drink alcohol. Along with this, a discussion also arose over the liquor rule to become a member of the party.

According to the party constitution, a person who wants to become a member of the Congress party should not drink and should be accustomed to wearing Khadi.

Punjab Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu who was also present in the meeting said that most of the people in this state drink alcohol, sources said.

“Sidhu asked how will the rule of Congress membership be followed in this situation?” sources said.

Other leaders also started expressing their opinion on the issue and the organisation general secretary KC Venugopal sought to put an end to the discussion.

After the liquor rule, the meeting started discussions on the Khadi rule and Rahul Gandhi asked how practical it was. The leaders also said that Khadi had special importance at the time of freedom, but at present, it has become expensive.

Following the discussion over the rules, a leader also suggested changing the rules of membership in the meeting of the Congress Working Committee. However, the proposal to change the rules could not be made in the meeting today.

Earlier today, Congress president Sonia Gandhi held a meeting of the party general secretaries, in-charges and state presidents on the issue of membership campaign, the movement against inflation and assembly elections.

In the meeting, the party president gave a message to all the party leaders to fight the RSS-BJP ideology by creating discipline and solidarity, sources said.

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