Yet Another Mystery ‘Boom’ Near Bengaluru


A loud sound similar to an explosion was heard some 32 km from Bengaluru


A loud sound similar to that of an explosion was heard this morning at a town some 32 km from Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru. The sound was reported from Bidadi, home to several quarry businesses.

The police control room in the town denied any explosion. The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre said they have not picked up any explosion-like spike in sound in their data.

A similar sound was also heard on July 2 in Bengaluru, which was believed to be the sonic boom of a jet aircraft when it went faster than the speed of sound. The Bengaluru-based Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, or HAL, routinely carry out test flights.

The Indian Air Force had, however, denied any role in what many suspected was a sonic boom.

So far no official has confirmed on what today’s explosion-like sound was.

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